The circular work surface of the round electromagnetic chuck is designed for turning-based machining operations. It is predominantly used with a lathe, turning center, grinding machine, or on a rotary table. Just like most magnetic chucks, an operator can control the on/off (magnetization/demagnetization) (clamp/release) with a switch mechanism. Using the magnetic force to clamp a workpiece makes sure the part does not distort or deform as this situation may occur on a jaw chuck if the clamping force is not well managed. It is recommended to use the round electromagnetic chuck when handling thin workpieces that are made of soft metals.

The pattern on a round magnetic chuck is the pole. The standard poles on this type of chuck include parallel pole, star pole, radial pole and ring pole. Each pole is ideal for specific machining operations and part specifications. For example, radial pole and ring pole are used when there is the need to rotate the workpiece during the operation. Fine poles (little space between each pole) are suitable for thinner workpieces while greater pole distance generates stronger force for thicker workpieces. Guang Dar accepts requests for custom surface design based on your specific requirements.


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