Everything to Know About a Permanent Magnetic Lifter

You might have heard about a permanent magnet lifter, the hoist moving block made of magnetic materials like Iron. However, there are chances that it is exclaimed by other tags such as magnetic lifter, lifting magnet, lifting permanent magnet, etc. The equipment is primarily used for lifting and transporting steel plates, press molds, blocks, and more during the handling operation of a machine at room temperature. Engineering machinery, shipbuilding, and automobile are the most common industries where the lifting tool is used.

In this post, we will talk more about magnetic lifter to give you a better understanding of what it is all about -

What purpose does a permanent magnetic lifter play?

The lifting magnetic chuck is also called a permanent magnet hoist or permanent magnet jack, which is divided into manual and automatic types. This is done with the use of contemporary high-performance Nd-Fe-B magnetic material neodymium iron boron for a smaller design with lighter weight and stronger holding force. This way, the safety factor also gets high, and the minimum pull-off force is 3.5 times the mentioned lifting capacity. 

The manual lifting magnetic chuck handle switch features a safety button that can be easily operated with one hand for a convenient and safe operation. On the other hand, with an automatic permanent magnetic lifter, you do not need to manually pull the handle as it is controlled by the lifting of the electric crane hook. These are the ways by which the corresponding iron and steel plates, cylindrical magnetic materials, and round steel are lifted without the need for electricity.

The thing that needs to be considered is it is a very efficient, safe, and reliable operation to lift heavy material for large industries. Also, the result is light and compact for the easy handling of materials, improving the working conditions of loading and unloading with increased labor efficiency and convenience. 

Advantages of permanent magnet lifter 

Now that you have an understanding of what is a permanent magnet lift and what are the utilisations of this excellent tool let us have a quick insight into the advantages that any industry can get from a lifting magnetic chuck!

1. Compared to the electromagnetic iron remover, the body of the permanent magnetic lifter is more simple, without the necessity of a power supply and cooling system.

 2. The permanent magnet jack saves electricity as well as energy, with a low failure rate and easy and safe operation. It adopts the computer simulation magnetic circuit design with the magnetic penetration depth being large and reasonable magnetic field distribution.

Some of the features you need to know about magnetic lifter  

Besides learning the benefits, it is also important that you know the features of this equipment for the right utilization in the ideal industry. Below we have made a list of some of the aspects that you should know before using a permanent magnetic lifter -

·       Compact and small structure that is easy to operate.

·       No need of a demagnetizer with high-performance permanent magnetic material.

·       Advanced magnetic circuit with a scientific balance design for strong holding force and almost zero remanences.

·       No need for any power support during operation.

·       The maximum pull-off force is about 3.5 times more than the rated lifting capacity.


The Bottom Line 

Permanent magnetic lifters are one of the most common and useful things that are used in heavy industries to lift and transport materials like Iron plates, steel plates, etc. The above post includes everything that you need to know about magnetic lifter, along with the benefits as well as features for you to get a better understanding of its utilization and operation.

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