Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Guang Dar offers a wide selection of permanent magnetic chucks for you. These work holding tools apply the design of the permanent magnet assembly to create a firm grip on the workpiece. They only clamp ferromagnetic workpieces and are especially ideal for sheet metals and workpieces that have a large surface. The permanent chuck is suitable for both heavy-duty and light-duty operations such as surface grinding, face milling, EDM, etc.

Regardless of your shop's operations, you can always find a permanent magnetic chuck that best suits your requirements. Guang Dar has the standard permanent chucks (GL Type) designed for the general-purpose work holding application. There are also models that feature fine-pole characteristics (GLW-A Type), which are excellent at clamping thin pieces. Most models have a basic mechanism to provide simple on-and-off control and the magnetism is not prone to temperature change. Scroll down to check out our products or contact us directly for further inquiries.