The Advantages of Product

Brand Advantage

GI type: The main body is made of a whole piece of steel plate directly to dig the groove. So, it is high magnetic conduction and good water resistance. The panel is made under special soldering treatment to increase panel rigidity and water resistance.

GLEA type, GIW type: The main body is double-protected by inside and outside welding to increase strength. Alternating iron and copper welding can increase the magnetic conduction.


The rectifier series of GD-201 and GD-202: the electric charge is sufficient, not easy to heat. The output voltage and current is stable.It is safe and secure with a chain protection switch, once the chuck cannot magnetize, the spindle unable to work.


Guang Dar always uses the enameled copper wire from Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. (PEWC). Although the unit price is higher than other suppliers, the enameled wire is higher quality, efficiency and reliability. When the coil is energized, it will generate vibration and heat by friction, so the quality of the enamel coating is the guarantee of the service life of the coil.


Our electromagnetic chuck series are all multiple waterproof, especially after winding around the coil then cloth winding and resin filling to prevent water and anti-resonance.


Guang Dar follows the technical specifications of enameled copper wire, no jerry-built and no cutting corners. The electromagnetic chuck has good suction force, small current, slow temperature rise, power saving, and low deformation.