Pros and Cons of Electromagnetic and Non-Electric Magnetic Chucks

Most industries across the world utilize the benefits of various types of electromagnetic and non-electric magnetic chucks for making functioning and operations easier. It is no more the time when these types of chucks are only confined to small surface grinders. The equipment is used for speeding up the production process considerably, where surface grinding is an important aspect of the operation.

Magnetic chucks are now widely used and fitted for grinding machines of massive weights that have a wheel drive of 60 h.p. The segmental grinding wheels present in them are used for heavier cuts.

So now that you have an understanding of what magnetic chucks are all about, let us have an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the various types -

Permanent Magnetic Chuck


  • There is absolutely no generation of heat in a permanent chuck, which is responsible for deforming the workpiece or pole plate.
  • No necessity for electrical power, with fewer chances of the danger of dropping pieces in a power failure.
  • Easy installation for transfer from one machine to another.


  • The mechanical switching system is comparatively less efficient for automated work.
  • Inadaptability of chuck dimension and likely not suitable for heavy workpieces.
  • Possibility of wear and tear of the internal moving parts and magnets, responsible for shortening the life of the permanent chuck.


Electromagnetic Chuck


  • Can function with control units that regulate the magnetic holding force as well as the demagnetizing cycle.
  • It can be easily removed from the metal piece.
  • Without any moving parts inside for less internal wear and tear.
  • Various dimensions can be produced for the chuck, allowing the user to meet specific requirements of the workpiece size.
  • Has a strong and reliable clamping force for pieces as well.


  • Need of a constant power supply with a backup power supply for safety reasons.
  • More chances of accidents because of a power failure that can release any part.
  • Constant power produces heat that can cause distortion of the parts, affecting the functioning and accuracy of the machine.


Permanent Electromagnetic Chuck


  • Permanent electromagnetic chuck requires power just for magnetization and demagnetization.
  • Does not have any moving part inside, with no internal wear and tear.
  • It gives full access to the five sides of a mold that makes it the ideal choice for multi-side machining.
  • Possibility of automated use with the operation from a control unit.
  • No heat generation with less threat to machine accuracy.
  • Minimum consumption of electricity with a greater safety factor since the power loss will not result in the release of the part from the chuck.


  • Permanent electromagnetic chucks are more expensive than permanent magnets.
  • Has a higher sensitivity to air gaps between the component and the chuck.
  • Hard to fine tune because of the magnetic field and clamping force.


The Bottom Line 

Magnetic chucks are one of the most useful components for surface grinding machines, speeding up the operational process. The above information will make you understand the difference between each type of chuck by giving you an idea of what will work the best for you. Well, it might be challenging to draw a conclusion on which type is the best amongst all!

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